Instructor(s): Rachael Price

We’ll explore tools and techniques for breathing, improving tone, and increasing range.

We’ll work to elevate the why behind your singing and aim to have you walk away with strengthened confidence in the value of your unique instrument; empowering you to sing with deeper intention and awareness. Some harmony singing and learning songs together will also be a part of this class.

A personal note from Rachael about her class:
Teaching voice and singing over the years I’ve been investigating what it means to sing “well”. I have noticed that a HUGE part of great singing is the intention you bring to it during practice and performance. Singing with clarity of purpose, confidence with your instrument and freedom in expression are unbelievably valuable! My goal is to equip students with tools to sing their best with great technique but also to dig underneath the surface with them, investigating intention and building confidence. What are we singing, how are we singing, why are we singing?! When we pay attention and address these questions it is powerful. I’m really looking forward to exploring this together and to singing with you!

Rachael Price
Rachael Price


Singers should have a basic recognition of pitch and the ability to sing a melody relatively in tune.

Bring: your instrument of choice if you play an instrument, a song prepared to sing in class that you like the style of (one memorized verse and chorus is adequate, please know the key you sing the song in), a notebook, pen, a reusable straw 3-6mm wide, and a chopstick.

About Rachael Price

Rachael Price grew up in a musical environment in Portland, OR. At an early age she began taking voice lessons and singing in local choirs and discovered that she wanted to sing professionally.

She attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship as a vocalist. Rachael graduated with a degree in Professional Music with an emphasis in Songwriting from Berklee in 2010.

She and her husband, Luke Price, are currently working on their third studio album of soul – pop music in Portland, Oregon. Rachael frequently performs her own music as well as being a background vocalist for other bands. In addition to singing and songwriting, she loves cooking, going to as many shows as she can, and playing tenor guitar!

Rachael enjoys teaching all levels of students how to sing with intention; helping others to build confidence with their voice and learn techniques to sing their best!

We are excited to be bringing Rachel to Walker Creek for her first time teaching here.