Vocals, Harmony Singing, levels 2/3

Instructor(s): Kathy Kallick & Greg Blake

This is a two-teacher combined Vocal Harmony class.

One of the magic and wonderful things about bluegrass is the way folks who’ve not sung and played together can start singing with each other immediately. Because there is a large commonly held repertoire, and a set of harmony stacks that are expected and also open to interpretation, two people like us, Kathy and Greg, can get together, pick songs we both know, and start singing them pretty quickly. The more we sing together, the more refined the harmonies will become, as we develop the sound the two of us enjoy. 

While this will be tons of fun for us, we promise to include you and get you all singing right away. We’ll all try out different harmony parts, on different songs, and move from duets to trios, and maybe even quartets! 

Along the way we’ll talk about bluegrass phrasing, dynamics, and repertoire, and send you home with some new songs and a deeper appreciation of some old favorites.

Kathy Kallick


About Kathy Kallick

Kathy Kallick co-founded the Good Ol’ Persons in 1975 and was part of the band for its twenty-year existence, as well as all the reunion shows in the past decade. In addition, she has performed and recorded with the Frank Wakefield Band, Laurie Lewis, Keith Little, and many of the country’s top acoustic musicians. She currently leads The Kathy Kallick Band. Kathy has won a Grammy and two IBMA Awards, had 6 releases each spend a year in the upper echelon of the national charts, has written and recorded award-winning music for children and families, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Bluegrass Association, and has released more than 100 of her compositions on 20 albums.
In addition, Kathy has taught songwriting, singing, and guitar playing at a number of music camps, including the Rockygrass Academy, Sore Fingers, Augusta Heritage Center, Voice Works, Bluegrass At the Beach, CBA Music Camp, CCMC, and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. She’s taught both vocals and guitar at our camp; she’s a well-loved teacher and we’re always glad to have her here.