Vocals, Gospel Harmony Singing, levels 2/3

Instructor(s): Steve Baughman & Valerie Rose

Experience the wonderful repertoire and harmony stylings of acappella gospel singing!  In this class we will spend lots of time just singing and learning songs that we can carry with us into our musical lives. The class will be highly participatory, and we’d love to have all attendees bring one or two songs which they can lead the class in learning.  We will spend some time learning custom arrangements using sheet music, and also spend time learning to develop harmonies on the fly as a group.  This class has two instructors so we will be able to spend some time dividing into smaller groups to work on specific vocal parts or topics.

This is an a cappella class so you may bring musical instruments as long as you keep them in the cases.  We may also have a brief discussion, just to satisfy the instructors’ curiosity, on why gospel music moves so many people regardless of religious orientation. For those of you who attended this class in the spring, you were a fabulous group and we’d love to have you participate again.  Rest assured there will be lots of new material so you will not be bored!  🙂 

Steve Baughman
Steve Baughman
Valerie Rose
Valerie Rose


This is not a vocal technique class. You should have some experience singing and be able to sing reasonably in tune. Harmonizing and/or reading music are bonuses but by no means required.  Just please don’t be better than the instructors.

About Steve Baughman

Steve is the founder of the Bay Area a cappella community singing group “In Harmony’s Way” and produced their CD of that title. He also produced the a cappella gospel album, Journey Home, a collaboration of several top Bay Area singers. As a frequent instructor at this camp, he often has led gospel singing as an elective class, which has been so popular that we’re expanding it this time to be a full morning class.

Steve has recorded with Rounder Records, and he produced the classic double CD Banjo Gathering, which Bluegrass Unlimited called “a momentous undertaking and a must addition to any serious collection of old-time music.”  He is also expert at clawhammer guitar, as well as expert Celtic-style guitar, specializing in Orkney (CGDCGD) tuning.

Steve is always a favorite of students at Walker Creek, and his classes are very hands-on.  He has also taught at Swannanoa Gathering, Acoustic Alaska Camp, California Coast Music Camp, Colorado Roots Camp, Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, Outer Banks Guitar Workshop, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Roberto Dalla Vecchia Acoustic Guitar Workshop, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, Sierra Fiddle School, Kaufman Kamp, Sunshine Coast School of Celtic Music, Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School, The Woods Song and Dance Camp, World Voices, and World Visions.

We are delighted to bring Steve back to teach this class; he is always a pleasure to have at camp.

About Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose is a versatile fiddler, singer, conductor, and vocal arranger.

She is a long-time conductor, arranger, and vocal soloist for the Gryphon Carolers, a unique choir that presents fun and innovative arrangements in various folk music genres — including but not limited to gospel, Celtic, Americana, and Latin jazz.  She was lead vocalist for the Balkan ensemble Djerdan, and has served as a vocalist and arranger for a cappella groups including the Saratoga Madrigal Singers, the Sound Chicks, and Smorgaschord (which placed third at the West Coast Harmony Sweepstakes).

As an instructor at California Coast Music Camp for many years, she has taught subjects including Irish fiddle, world music, and singing in Irish Gaelic.  This past summer she served as music director for the SF Irish Cultural Center’s Youth Summer Camp.  She also plays fiddle for Irish dance, contra dance, Balkan dance, Scottish Country Dance, and English Country Dance throughoutOK the Bay Area.

Valerie loves to jam and is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher. She was a wonderful TA at our recent spring camp and we’re pleased to promote her to instructor for this camp.