Registration Now!!

Things to know (Please read this carefully!)

  • We have a new website and registration system so please read all instructions, as some things have changed.
  • You can register multiple students e.g. a spouse, roommate or child(ren) in one order. To do this, first sign yourself up; then follow the prompts to add those campers to your order.
  • You can Register and Pay for 1 Spouse or Roommate and up to 2 Children on one registration. If you’d like to register more than 2 children, please call.
  • SIGNING UP WITH A ROOMMATE: If you want a room for two, BOTH of you have to sign up simultaneously to reserve the room. We can’t assign you to a room for two unless and UNTIL your room-mate also signs up. If you want a room for two but don’t have a roommate, you can let us know and we’ll match you up with someone if there is someone else who wants the same thing.
  • All prices are PER PERSON, not per RV or room.
  • If you indicate (optional) 2nd and 3rd choices for morning classes, please be willing to be in one of your alternate choices if your first choice is full. If you are only interested in one class, leave 2nd and 3rd choices blank. 
  • IF YOU’RE REGISTERING as a HALF TIME STUDENT, your lodging choices are Camping or Day Use. If you want indoor lodging, it may be available if there is space left the week before camp. 
  • All prices include meals;  the only exception is Day Use, no meals. See the FAQs page for more info about meals.
  • There is No meals/lodging charge for children under 4 years of age. 
  • LODGING: Economy lodging is bunk beds (generally you get the whole bunk, top and bottom) with no linens and no other furniture in the room; Semi-private is more like a motel room with single beds (linens included), closets, lamps, dressers, nightstands, etc; Private is the same as semi-private but you get the whole room to yourself.  Group rooms (3-6 or 7-9) are usually men only or women only. The exception is Family dorms, which also sometimes will have up to 12 people, as we will put older kids on top bunks if needed.
  • BATHROOMS: All rooms on site have shared bathrooms, and there is a central bath-house for campers. If you want a private bathroom, that is available with some offsite lodging options (20 minutes away on Tomales Bay). Rooms for 1, 2, or 3 people are available, Call Michael for more info – 707 579-1429.
  • The Make a Payment option in the Registration menu is for those who made their 25% deposit and want to pay the remaining tuition/lodging fees.  To do this, choose the pay by check option, complete the registration until you get to the Order Received page, and then go to the Make a Payment tab to pay with PayPal/Credit Card (or mail a check).
  • Be sure to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION; continue to go to the next step until you reach a page that says “Order Received”
  • Upon completion of your registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email stating that your order is either On Hold if you are paying by Check, or Processing if you paid by PayPal/Credit Card. Please see our updated payment policy on the What’s New page.
  • You will also receive a letter of confirmation by e-mail within 10 days of completing your registration. This will tell you which class and lodging option you’re signed up for, along with other camp info.
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation letter within 10 days of registering (or notification that you’re on a waiting list), contact us!
  • PLEASE WAIT 10 days after you register to find out which classes/lodging you are in – Thanks!
If you have any trouble at all with this system, just call 707-579-1429 and we’ll help get you registered.
  • Prices are as listed below. Your cost is the sum of your tuition and lodging choices.
  • All prices are PER PERSON, NOT per site or tent or RV or room. Each person pays the price listed for camping, rooms, etc. plus tuition.
Tuition Prices (subject to change)
  • Full-time student – $400
  • Full-time student (under 18 years) – $300
  • Half-time participant (no morning class) – $250
  • Music & More (young children’s program) – $125
  • Family member (evening activities only) – $150
  • Chaperone / Non-attending Parent – $0
Lodging/Meals Prices – Adult / (Children Age 4-10) (subject to change)
  • Day use, no meals – $125    ($50 children 4-10)
  • Day use, with meals – $350    ($175 children 4-10)
  • Dry RV camping, with meals – $375   ($185 children 4-10)
  • Tent/van/car camping, with meals – $375   ($185 children 4-10)
  • Economy cabin (7-9 people), with meals – $450   ($200 children 4-10)
  • Economy room (3-6 people), with meals – $550   ($275 children 4-10)
  • Semi-private room (3-6 people), with meals – $625   ($300 children 4-10)
  • Economy room (2 people), with meals – $725   ($350 children 4-10)  
  • Private room (2 people), with meals – $775   ($375 children 4-10)    
  • Economy private room (1 person), with meals – $825  
  • Private room (1 person), with meals – $925   
  • Chaperone / Non-attending Parent – $0
  • Children Under Age 4 – $0

Before you Register: 

FIRST, please read ALL the information above, See the What’s New page Then, click here to Register.