Guitar, Bluegrass Rhythm and More, levels 2/3

Instructor(s): Larry Chung

Bluegrass Rhythm and More:

How do I play the most complimentary rhythm guitar in a bluegrass band or jam setting? We’ll take a deep dive into the often-overlooked world of bluegrass rhythm guitar, including the basics of the bass-strum pattern, G-runs and other supporting bass runs, leading into chord changes, playing fast, playing slow, waltzes, swing-style accompaniment, pushing the beat, using and not using a capo for different positions in the same key, and playing alongside bluegrass vocalists and other bluegrass instruments, especially the bass. What to listen for, what to consider, what to play, and when. While our main focus will be bluegrass playing, we may also touch on some other styles (swing, old-time, fiddle backup, etc), and perhaps explore them more in depth, depending on interest.

Larry Chung


Players should have a working knowledge of basic open major chord shapes (G, C, D, E, A, F) and the ability to change chords easily and in time, preferably with a flat pick or thumb pick. 

About Larry Chung

Larry Chung is a San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer and music teacher. He has performed on various instruments in numerous musical groups across the country ranging from classical to jazz to bluegrass to punk.

A private instructor for nearly 30 years, Larry brings his expertise and love of music to every occasion and to each of his students, from age 3 to 83. Often seen at the latest of late-night jams, he can also be found napping during the daytime at the many bluegrass festivals he attends each year up and down the West Coast. All kidding aside, he is a great guy to have at camp, and we are very pleased to add him to our staff this year.