Dobro, levels 2/3

Instructor(s): Greg Booth

Come and join the fastest growing group of acoustic musicians…dobro players! Our instrument is one of the most expressive instruments in bluegrass/acoustic music. We’ll start with strong fundamentals, hand positions, how to make good tone, play in tune, and learn exercises to help with that. We’ll spend time learning rolls, picking patterns and proper methods to do hammer-ons and pull-offs. We’ll look at scale patterns and chord positions, learn some cool licks, fills and a few songs. We’ll look at some basic music theory that will help in the jam circle and beyond. Every class is unique in their interests we’ll make sure there is something for everyone and cover the ground that this particular class needs and wants.  

Greg Booth


Class participants should listen to a lot of dobro music, know how to tune their instrument, be comfortable playing with picks and bar and have some songs that they can play or are working on. Bring your dobro, tuner, picks and bar, and capo if you have one. Greg recommends a recording device so you can listen later at home and remember what you worked on. Video recording is encouraged. Most important, bring your enthusiasm and determination to play the dobro! 

About Greg Booth

Greg Booth, a veteran musician of more than 50 years, plays dobro, 5 string banjo, and pedal steel. Greg settled in Alaska during the oil pipeline boom when live music was also booming. Playing as much as 7 nights a week and 7 hours a night for years developed his craft and a style of his own. Greg’s dobro work can be seen on his YouTube channel, which surpassed 7 million views this year and at Greg has played with the Kathy Kallick Band for 14 years and can be heard on seven of Kathy’s albums.

Greg has taught for 12 years at the Rob Ickes ResoSummit, Kaufman Kamp, Sore Fingers Music School UK, RockyGrass Academy, CBA Music Camp, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and many festival workshops and we’re pleased to have him join us at Walker Creek Music Camp for the first time this year.