See below for our fall camp's Teachers/Class Descriptions!

These are the morning classes, the ones you sign up for in advance, averaging 10-12 students per class (more for classes with two teachers). Class sizes are limited, and some fill up the first day we open for registration, so sign up early! You take this core class each morning (afternoon elective classes are drop-in style and don’t require sign-ups). Click on a class, and you will see the full description, along with instructor bios and websites.


Level 1 is “advanced beginner”; you should know the basics of how to play your instrument and keep it in tune, and play a few songs or tunes, probably not up to tempo yet.

Level 2 is “intermediate”; you can do all the above, have some experience playing with others, you’re comfortable with your instrument, and can play some songs up to tempo.

Level 3 is “upper intermediate/advanced”: you are a confident musician and comfortable jamming and playing in groups, but still there is always more to learn.

Please Read the Recommended prerequisites. How long you’ve been playing does not determine which class you should be in; it’s what you can do and what you know, as specified in the prerequisites for each class, that matters. That said, a positive attitude towards learning in a group setting is the most important prerequisite for having a great time at camp. Almost all of our classes are for intermediate level and beyond.

Level 1 players! (advanced beginners)  Check out the group classes! You’ll still get some instrument-specific instruction, and you’ll also learn a ton by playing with others (playing with others is what it’s all about!).

Feel free to call for more information (415-663-6030). The director can help you choose a class, and we will allow for some adjustments the first day of camp.

Those who feel they’ve “outgrown” camp classes can be considered as teaching assistants (see the FAQs page for more info).          

Krishna Feeny

A class for our youngest campers: Music & More (M&Ms!)

This class, designed specifically for young campers, provides a rich, varied, and age-appropriate experience with plenty of hands-on music making.

At Walker Creek we believe the best way to learn music is to get inspired, make connections, and become engaged through fun activities that teach…

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David Keenan

A Group Class – Bluegrass Jamming, Levels 1/2

Here’s a great opportunity to supercharge your jamming skills no matter what level you are at. Work with some pro’s who will guide you though all of the steps to presenting a song and understanding what each instrument’s role is and how to…

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Phil Jamison

A Group Class – Old Time String Band, Levels 1/2

This class is for advanced beginners and intermediate musicians who want to learn more about playing their instrument, while also experiencing the joy of playing with other musicians. We’ll work on some skills pertinent to each instrument as we…

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Avram Siegel

Banjo, Bluegrass, Levels 2/3

Being able to play with solid timing, to create your own breaks, and to improvise fluently, are some ultimate goals in to learning to play the banjo. In this class you will add to, and build on, what you’ve already learned in order to do just that.  We will see how melody, harmony, and rhythm work together and…

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Ryan Harlin

Banjo, Clawhammer, Levels 2/3

Clawhammer banjo can take minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Adapting the simple bum-ditty motion of clawhammer to the melodic phrases in a fiddle tune or the subtle intricacies of ensemble playing can be a banjo player’s most rewarding…

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Paul Knight

Bass, levels 2/3

In this class, we’ll work on firming up your “bass-ic” techniques, expanding your vocabulary, exploring note choices and bass patterns and how they apply to different styles, and providing the right feel for oldtime, bluegrass, country and swing. We’ll work on supporting vocalists, taking solos, and…

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Troy Brenningmeyer

Dobro, levels 2/3

We will start each day by getting in tune and warming up with some intonation exercises I like to do when I first start playing. For Day 1 we will learn various closed positions, slants, and open positions Dobro Licks. While learning these licks I’ll point out the chord tones they are targeting and how to use good…

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Jack Tuttle

Fiddle, bluegrass, levels 2/3

Jack will teach a general approach to constructing bluegrass solos. He’ll show how to quickly locate the melody of a standard song on the fiddle and then reinterpret it in a classic bluegrass fiddle style. He will show when and how to inject standard licks into the solos as well as teach back-up methods for playing…

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Fiddle, Focus on the Groove, Levels 2/3

In this class, we will focus on finding the groove and improving your rhythm on the fiddle. We’ll work with tunes in the Texas, Swing, Bluegrass, and Old Time traditions. I love sharing helpful tips and tricks, encouraging healthy and effective practice routines, and helping you get the best…

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Suzy Thompson

Fiddle, Old Time, levels 2/3

In Suzy’s old time fiddle class, you’ll learn some wonderful new repertoire and build up your ear training chops too! Suzy will choose some of her favorite old time tunes from Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc. All material will be taught by ear; there will be time at the end of each meeting for participants…

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Guitar, Bluegrass, Levels 2/3

Using right hand techniques, accents and dynamics, we’ll find tools to help make us the most musical rhythm players at the jam. Adding bass runs, off beats and attack, we’ll find out how to drive a bluegrass or old time band with ease. We’ll also take a deep dive into…

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Luke Price

Guitar, Texas Style, Levels 2/3

We will explore right-hand rhythm techniques with an emphasis on Texas-Style Old-Time backup.  We will focus on developing steady rhythm, which can be so applicable to all styles of music, especially traditional styles!  In addition, we will look at some different…

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Nina Gerber

Guitar, Tone, Technique & Theory, levels 2/3

Tired of muted notes? Do you suffer from embarrassing fret farts? We’ll spend time working on techniques that will improve your tone and dexterity, painful exercises that will stretch and strengthen your left hand. Right hand technique for flatpickers…

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Mandolin, Bluegrass & Old Time, levels 1/2

Eric will reveal vital secrets of bluegrass and old time mandolin playing. Exactly which secrets will depend on the interests of the participants in the class. Some options are: repertoire (learn tunes); technique (tremolo, for example); constructing a solo (playing a break); improvising…

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Don Stiernberg

Mandolin, Swing Rhythm and Repertoire, levels 2/3

This class will focus on chords and progressions for Texas contest fiddle, Western Swing, and Swing standards. We’ll be looking to broaden your rhythmic accompaniment skills by adding chord voicings (fingerings), commonly used chord progressions, passing/connecting chords, and right-hand…

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Rachael Price

Vocals, Delivering the Song, Levels 1/2/3

We’ll explore tools and techniques for breathing, improving tone, and increasing range. We’ll work to elevate the why behind your singing and aim to have you walk away with strengthened confidence in the value of your unique instrument; empowering you to sing with deeper intention and…

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Steve Baughman

Vocals, Gospel Singing, levels 2/3

Experience the wonderful repertoire and harmony stylings of acappella gospel singing!  In this class we will spend lots of time just singing and learning songs that we can carry with us into our musical lives. The class will be highly participatory, and we’d love to have all attendees bring one or two songs which…

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Valerie Rose

Vocals, Gospel Singing, levels 2/3

This is a two-instructor combined Gospel Harmony vocal class.

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People's Music Store

Yes, we have a camp store, too!

We are a family owned business living and breathing in Sebastopol California. People’s Music was established in 1973.  We carry tons of local, new & used unique instruments from all over the world, as well as accessories.  We offer repair services for all musical instruments.

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