A Group Class, Bluegrass Jamming, levels 1/2

Instructor(s): Dave Keenan
Here’s a great opportunity  to supercharge your jamming skills no matter what level you are at. Work with some pro’s who will guide you though all of the steps to presenting a song and understanding what each instrument’s role is and how to achieve it. Expect to play a lot in this class! (adv/beg to int)
In this bluegrass jamming class we’ll chew on the big and little ingredients that make up a delicious bluegrass stew, such as:
  • Rhythmic and melodic roles of each instrument
  • All aspects of jam etiquette
  • Repertoire selection
  • How to find your key for singing
  • Deciding when to take or pass a break

I am fluent on guitar, banjo, mandolin and vocals and know enough about fiddle, bass and Dobro to work with all advanced beginners and intermediate players. Expect lots of playing in this class! Let’s make some music!

Dave Keenan
Phil Jamison


Participants should know basic open position major and minor chords and be able to change between them at a moderate tempo. Guitars, banjos and Dobros will need a capo to facilitate playing in different keys.

About Dave Keenan

Dave Keenan is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and teacher living in Seattle, WA. He plays in several bands including The Downtown Mountain Boys (who received a rare highlight review for their latest CD in Bluegrass Unlimited), Miles & Karina, and the Buckaroosters

He has also been commissioned four times to compose scores for silent films and performs them live with the films. Dave teaches private lessons regularly and is in high demand as a music camp instructor, having taught at American Banjo Camp, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, California Coast Music Camp, Shasta Fiddle Camp, Swannanoa Gathering, Fiddle Pals, LavaJam Camp, Voiceworks, British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop, Northern Bluegrass Workshop, Weiser Banjo Camp, and NimbleFingers among others.

Dave has taught banjo and guitar here previously, and always gets 5-star reviews from his students. We’re pleased to bring him back to teach the jam class this time